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 Day Trips

During 2020 and 2021, the young people have had the opportunity to go on a number of day trips...
We've been to:

Coral Reef Water Park
Outdoor Swimming
Go Karts
Cycling trips
Radio 1 Event at Wembley
Central London/ Greenwich


go karts.jpg
ESOL and Homework

ESOL classes at Newham Leisure Centre were running before Lockdown and we had a small, dedicated group of young people attending. 
During the 1st Lockdown, we ran weekly English classes on zoom which went well and a number of new referrals joined these classes.  The classes are very practical and hands on and focus on teaching the young people, day to day English which they will need in their lives.
Since Colleges have returned, we provided online, weekly homework support sessions and have now reopened our ESOL Homework class at Custom House Library.

Online Sessions

At the start of Lockdown 2020, we moved straight online to keep the young people engaged and to give them something to pass their time, whilst stuck at home. We ran almost daily zoom sessions from March till July 2020 and covered a number of topics, such as art, drama, sport, dance, helping others, English, Maths, ICT, games, cooking and competitions. 
We sent out packages of arts and sports supplies to the young people and had weekly competitions, where the winners got to choose prizes.
We also did sessions with other organisations in topics, such as CV writing and Interview Skills and Multi Sports Level 2 Coaching qualification. 
We submitted work to a magazine and the young people had their work published. 
We continued to run online sessions all through the lockdowns and adapted these accordingly to suit the needs and interests of the young people taking part.

Wey Island Trips

As residentials weren't allowed in 2020, we did a number of day trips, with different young people attending each day, to
Wey Island Trust near Weighbridge. 
The groups arrived early in the morning and spent the whole day there, playing football, volleyball, pool, table tennis, board games, playing on bikes, swimming in the river and canoeing. 
Then at night, we had a BBQ before heading back to London.
This was so good for the young people to get away from London and to feel less stressed about everything.
In 2021, we have done 3 residentials to Wey Island Trust and also a week at OSH as well as Brighton day trips to meet up with Brighton Table Tennis Club

wey island.png
Sport Sessions

At the start of 2020, we were running our Sport sessions at Newham Leisure Centre, and these sessions were becoming ever busier and more popular.  We had a number of sports running twice a week there and also swimming lessons until the Lockdown struck. 
The Centre remained closed until July 2021, so we had to find other venues to run sessions in with smaller numbers...at first these were in different parks but as the winter came in, we had to find places with outdoor lights so we moved to Newham Powerleague twice a week and then sessions in Walthamstow with Tottenham coaches and volleyball sessions indoors at Leyton Sixth Form College.
We also linked up with a gym in Hackney who provided kickboxing sessions for some young people.  Since July 2021, we have been providing 2 sessions a week at Newham Leisure Centre, 1 session a week at Newham Powerleague, 1 session a week at Douglas Eyre Sports Centre and 1 session a week at Decathlon

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